Sonne Porsche
Newsletter March 2005

A Very Special Meeting
by Ambro Ilagan
PCA-Hawai'i President

During our first membership meeting of 2005, on the 10th of February at the Yum Yum Tree restaurant, we were privileged to host seven members from the Porsche Club of Japan who were vacationing in the islands. Our thanks go out to Darryl Lee from Porsche of Hawaii, who got the initial contact and arranged for their attendance at our meeting.

Seven members from the Porsche Club of JapanPictured, while holding their newly acquired PCA-HI region polo shirts, are Vice President Dr. Yoshikazu Yoshimura, Director Toshimichi Kuroda, Secretary-General Norimasa Mori, Rev. Gyosho Maeda, and members Chousei Shigeta and Hidetoshi Miyajima.

The accompanying photo shows Dr. Yoshikazu Yoshimura

Dr. Yoshimura after he presented a Porsche Club of Japan wrist watch to President Ambro Ilagan. 


The accompanying photo shows Dr. Yoshikazu Yoshimura after he presented a Porsche Club of Japan wrist watch, Porschee   calendars, coffee mugs, a beautiful red silk scarf, and miscellaneous PCJ stickers and decals to President Ambro Ilagan. Dr. Yoshimura also later presented a letter on behalf of PCJ President Dr. Nobuo Oda. Hawaii residents Hiro Takemura (HT Tours Hawaii, LLC) and Hiroshi Yoshida were our gracious interpreters throughout an evening that saw members from two Porsche clubs, separated by thousands of miles of international waters, exchange pleasantries with a spirit of Aloha.

There were spirited discussions and high-energy excitement and anticipation for a long-term sister-club relationship. We hope to exchange Porsche ideas and experiences, and enjoy a new-found camaraderie with our counterparts from Japan. Dr. Yoshimura said that they look forward to future trips by their members in hopes of participating in our club events. And in exchange, they invite PCA-HI members traveling to Japan to join them in PCJ events as well. Next year PCJ celebrates their 20th year and plan a commemorative Porsche parade in Tokyo.

Sunny Sweetheart Run Draws Smiles
by Chip Hughes
PCA-Hawai'i Vice President

What a gorgeous morning for a drive to the North Shore! On Sunday, February 13, the day before Valentine's day, more than a dozen Porsche cars caravaned from Ke'ehi Lagoon Park to Haleiwa Joe's, for PCA-Hawai'i's second annual Sweetheart Run & North Shore Cruise. Sunny skies, light traffic, and a good turnout made this trek up O'ahu's most famous coastline a cruise to long remember.

The event began with a brief driver's meeting at Ke'ehi Lagoon Park. Past President Darryl Lee handed out Godiva chocolates, V.P. Chip Hughes welcomed members and guests, SCCA/Safety Chair Scott Schulte described the route, Treasurer Richard Lau went over the lunch menu, and President Ambro Ilagan distributed raffle tickets for the doorprizes: two Porsche desk calendars, provided by the Porsche Club of Japan, and, the grand prize, a Phillips AM/FM/CD boombox.

In their brilliant speed yellow GT3, Scott Schulte and Sun Baker led the caravan onto the H-1, past the Pro Bowl crowds at Aloha Stadium, then up scenic H-3 and onto Kamehameha Highway for the journey up the winding Windward coast. After a brief rest stop and photo-op at sunny Kualoa Beach Park, the caravan resumed its northward track past the famous surfing breaks on the North Shore-Sunset, Pipeline & Waimea. The caravan arrived in Haleiwa town just in time for a scrumptious lunch at J oe's.

Congratulations to Maude Lau for winning the grand door prize. Mahalo to Phyllis Wood for buying the Godiva chocolates, to Scott Schulte for leading the caravan, to Ambro Ilagan for his help with several aspects of the event, and to Richard Lau for dealing with the very complicated lunch tab. Finally, a big mahalo to all members and their guests who made the event such a success.

Who was there:

Ed Yuen & Gwen Kwon, 1991 911 Turbo
Richard & Maude Lau, 1988 911 Turbo
Scott Schulte & Sun Baker, 2004 GT3
Darryl Lee, 2004 C4S
John & Salina Gschwend, 2005 997S
Ambro & Liz Ilagan, 1979 911 Turbo
Tom Yee 1979 911SC
Raybern & Patti Freitas, 1988 911 slantnose targa turbo
Bones & Milly Marshall, 2004 Boxster
Joe Tripp 1978SC Targa
Ron Chavez 1997 911 Turbo
Mike, Michelle and Isabella Turolla 1992? 911 Turbo
Chip Hughes & Charlene Avallone
Norm & Lil Stevens (guests)

See the photos

PCA Night at the Drags!
by Scott Schulte, SCCA/Safety Chair

On Saturday, March 12, the Porsche Club will stage our first ever "Night at the Drags." Porsche of Hawaii will provide prizes for the club member with the best time, shortest reaction time, and the fastest top speed.

Scott's Race CarAlthough Porsches aren't normally thought of as drag racing cars, this is an excellent opportunity to test your car at speed under controlled conditions. You may have bragged to your friends about how fast your Porsche is. Now you can earn the numbers to prove it!

For those who would like to caravan to the track, we will meet at our normal Ke’ehi Lagoon Park location at 5:15 p.m. and leave for the track at 5:45 p.m. sharp. The track opens at 6:00 p.m. We will reserve a place for us all, drivers and spectators, to park together in the pit area. If you prefer to drive directly, you can meet us at the track. There is an $8 admission charge per person. This includes the cost to participate in the drag races. Of course, one can simply join the club for the cruise and enjoy the races from the grandstand,or pit area.

Detailed instructions will be provided once we have arrived at the track. There will be a drivers’ meeting where all questions can be answered. But, basically, this is a low stress event. You can straight line race against other types of cars or against other Porsche Club members. You can race as many passes as you want from 6:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. Helmets will be required for cars that run an elapsed time of 13.99 or faster. If you have a helmet, please bring it. Some helmets will be
available for use. All drivers are required to wear: shirt, long
pants, and shoes.

We plan to stay at the track about 2 hours or less, then proceed to dinner at a local area restaurant with good Porsche parking. See you there!

Event: PCA Night at the Drags!
Date: Saturday, March 12
Assemble: 5:15 p.m., Ke’ehi Lagoon Park
Depart: 5:45 p.m. Hawaii Raceway Park
Arrive Track: 6:15-6:30 p.m.
Cost: $8:00
Dinner: 8:30-9:00 p.m., optional
John Gschwend, 625.5119,
Scott J. Schulte, 836.1675,