Sonne Porsche
Newsletter March 2004

HECO Electric Car Race & Porsche Display
Saturday, March 20

by John Arafiles,
President, PCA-Hawai‘i

Aloha Kakou,
We, the PCA Hawai‘i ohana, outdid ourselves in our first event of 2004, the Sweetheart Run on Valentine’s Day weekend.

What an awesome sight with over 20 pristine Porsches gliding through the North Shore, ranging from Rick Woltz’s cherry 1959 356A cab, Ambro Ilagan’s "Best of Show" red ‘79 Turbo, Richard Lau’s "new" ‘88 Silver Turbo, Daniel Doi’s Seal Gray 03’ Turbo, Adam Cua’s Basalt Black ‘03 C4S coupe, to my Seal Gray ‘04 C4S cab.

My personal "thanks" to all the participants for making the Sweetheart Run an outstanding success. And a very special "Thank You" to Pam and Rod Laszlo for doing their usual superior job in organizing the event.

This month, March 2004, we will be displaying our Porsches at the HECO Electron Marathon, electric car race, on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor on Saturday, March 20, 2004, (see announcement). We also have the unique opportunity to participate in the HECO Electron Marathon as volunteers. Not only is this our chance to perform a community service, but also to invest in Hawai‘i’s future. The high school scholars who participate in this event will undoubtedly be the leaders and technical gurus of tomorrow.

Although volunteering is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Volunteers will be used as lap timers, corner workers, safety advisors and traffic directors, etc. In most instances new volunteers will assist experienced workers. And volunteers will be provided with breakfast, lunch, and an event t-shirt.

High school teams from across the state race electric vehicles on a Lemans type closed circuit course. Because of the event is only a few weeks away, it is imperative that PCA Hawai‘i members who want to volunteer contact Rod Laszlo by Friday, March 5th, with name, email, phone number, and t-shirt size, at 484-2194 or

Principal co-sponsors are the U.S. Navy and State Department of Education, MECO, HELCO, Young Brothers and the Hawai‘i chapter of the Sports Car Club of America. HECO, MECO, and HELCO provide parts kits and stipends (approx.. $1,600) to participating schools. Students are also allowed to raise outside funds and solicit parts and equipment, with a ceiling valuation not to exceed $2,500 for each vehicle. The goal is to acquaint students with electric technology and sharpen their science, math, technical, and language arts skills.

So please join us in supporting the high school teams, displaying our P-cars, performing a community service, and making our March event even a greater success than the February Sweetheart Run.

In other news, September 15, 2004, marks our 45th Anniversary as a PCA region and a special celebration is planned at our annual Concours d’Elegance on September 18, 2004 at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Our PCA Hawai‘i Logo has officially received the blessing from the PCNA (Porsche Cars North America) and we are looking at making new t-shirts, polo shirts, baseball caps, and coffee mugs available for the membership.


2004 Concours & PCA-Hawai'i's 45th Anniversary
by Ambro Ilagan

Mark your calendars! We are announcing Saturday, September 18, 2004, as the date which will combine the 2004 Concours & PCA-Hawai'i's 45th Anniversary Celebration into one event. Because of the historical significance of this year's event, we plan to have Hawaiian musical entertainment on a center stage and possibly vendors displaying their lines of Porsche parts and products in specially provided booths. As in the last four years, the Aloha Tower Marketplace will again serve as our center promenade.

The task ahead is clear. We need to maximize the sales from our club's shirts, caps, and fund raisers in order to fully support this event. Keep an eye out for more updates in future newsletters.


Driving Event News
by Mike Cripps

BMW Club invites Porsche Club to one-day Spring Fling which will be car handling and exercises in the am leading to track time in the pm, all under instruction. Saturday May 8, $199, if paid by April 24. Contact Owen Farrior, BMW Driving Events Coordinator, or Brian Okubo, Event Organizer,

Their other one-day event, The Aloha 500, is scheduled for November. SCCA autocross or Solo 2 will be April 4, no special days for car brands anymore, and no current plans for training sessions. SCCA website is Contact for Solo 2 is Curtis Lee, 262-5987