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Newsletter May 2002 Articles

 April Showers Affect Turnout

St. Patrick's Day Picnic

   Despite cloudy skies, a few hardy souls brought their Porsches out on the morning of March 17, 2002 for the St. Patrick's Day run out to Ka'a'awa.

   Richard Lau, Ambro Ilagan, Darryl Lee,Chip Hughes, Bob Kawamura, Jack Cua, Scott Schulte, Pierre Bonet and Ed Yuen met at Ke'ehi Lagoon Park and departed at about 10 a.m. for the H-3 freeway. Mike Lancial from St. Louis Park, Minnesota, who was here on vacation with his wife Lori and daughter Sarah, also joined the caravan, albeit in a rental car. When he is at home, Mike drives a 1973 911T Targa and serves as the Advocate for the 911T1969-1973 Register, a special interest group within the PCA.

   Although the group encountered heavy rains as it approached the H-3 tunnel,the Kane'ohe side of the island was dry. After exiting the freeway, the group proceeded down Kahekili and then Kamehameha Highway past Chinaman's Hat.

   Following a brief stop at Kualoa Park, the caravan continued down Kamehameha Highway for another mile and a half until reaching the beachhouse Bernard Chung had arranged for our use.

   Marsha Lee, Linda Cua, Maude Lau and Bernard and his friend Beth had driven down earlier and were already hard at work preparing for the noontime meal. Bernard was nice enough to tear himself from his 356 Speedster restoration project to join us for the picnic. As the burgers and hot-dogs were being grilled, Jeff Yang arrived in his '77 911 to the delight of many of the club members. Jeff's been working on his car for quite a while and it was really nice to see him on the road.

   Eventually, Mark Teruya and Dan Doi arrived in their 996 cabriolets. The DVD screen in the dash of Mark's great looking car drew almost as much attention as Jeff's 911.

   There was a lot to eat and drink and everyone had a great time enjoying each other's company. By the way, someone up there must be looking after our Porsches because there wasn't a drop of rain the entire afternoon.