Sonne Porsche Newsletter October 2001 Articles

Concours Entry Forms
Due October 25!

   Don’t miss this deadline! Mail in your concours entry form today. Only $25 if postmarked by Thursday, October 25.
And here’s what you get:
1) Free club logo t-shirt or hat simply for entering.
2) Prizes (ribbons, trophies, Porsche goodies, and other surprises) awarded to first, second, and third place winners in every complete class.
3) The thrill of strolling beneath majestic Aloha Tower among the islands’ most beautiful examples of Germany’s finest mark, including YOUR OWN!
4) A fantastic time enjoying the awesome cars and festivities with fellow Porsche owners.

   Our Annual Concours d’ Elegance at magnificent Aloha Tower Marketplace is just a few weeks away -- Sunday, October 28. We will start parking the cars about 8:30 AM, with everyone in place by 9:30. Final prep will continue until the judging begins at 10:00. Following the judging will be an awards presentation. An optional lunch (last year at Brew Moon, Ward Centre) will cap off the event.

   In Hawai‘i a Concours d’ Elegance is a participation event. Everybody comes out and has a good time. Not that we aren’t serious about Porsches -- just that our concours is relaxed and low-key, with the emphasis on getting together for a good time around our P Cars. For that reason, there is a Wash ‘n Wax Award for the daily driver to just do minimal prep and come on down. This category is for judging exterior only, with interior, trunk, and hood remaining shut and uninspected. Couldn’t be simpler. There is also a Modified/Competition Award for members whose cars have been customized for street or track. As in the past, a People's Choice Award will go to the entrant whose car -- regardless of class -- knocks everybody’s socks off. Each member gets one vote. Judging for the other categories will be like previous years with a separate judge for exterior, interior, engine compartment, and storage compartment. Class divisions will depend on number of entrants per category.

   Here’s the pitch: This is an event that takes a little planning, so please make your commitment now so that we can order awards and do what we have to do. Just showing up on Sunday is easy on you, but hard on the volunteers. Fill out and mail in the entry form today. The fee is $25 and includes all the free goodies mentioned above. Remember, entries must be postmarked by Thursday, October 25. Late entry/day of event: $35.

Printable entry form - click here opens in a new window

How To clean and protect
your Porsche, Part 2

More Tips for that Winning Concours Look

by Pierre Bonnet, EURO SHINE

   Last month Pierre explained how to protect your Porsche from the harmful effects of sun and contaminants; below he outlines how to treat your interior vinyl and leather and to polish and wax your paint.

   Interior CLEANING: Remove and soak dirty or stained floor mats in water with a cleaning solution (all purpose cleaners are fine ? but stay away from bleach!), then scrub mats with a sturdy brush. Rinse mats well and hang them to dry. Treat stains or spills on your carpet the same way. Make sure your vacuum is strong and can handle water. If not, try a gas station vacuum. Use compressed air to blow dust out of vents, or a new paint brush and Q-Tips for cleaning these little nooks and crannies. With a damp, lightly soapy 100% cotton cloth, wipe down all interior surfaces, including dash board, panels, window bars, instrument panel, steering wheel, door bars, ceiling, ceiling bars, roll bars, etc. Clean your windows with a 100% terry cloth, spraying window cleaner onto the cloth and wiping down the windows. This also works on the plastic windows in the cabriolets.

   INTERIOR CONDITIONING: Next, protect all your interior plastic and vinyl -- dashboard, instrument panels, etc. -- with a dressing. If your leather seats (and other interior leather) are dirty, clean these surfaces with leather cleaner and a damp 100% cotton terry cloth. Then protect and refurbish your leather with leather lotion (follow instructions of the product). Polish leather with a dry cloth to bring back the shine.

   Paint Cleaning & polishing: Even if your paint is new, it can benefit from a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner that can gently remove swirl marks, light scratches and other surface blemishes, like acid rain deposits, water spots, tree sap, etc. Do not confuse polishing with waxing. Polishing is a part of cleaning your paint, as mentioned above. Polish will create a brilliant, high-gloss finish and nourish your paint, and is a great foundation before applying a protective wax.

   Waxing & Buffing: Apply your wax using a back-and-forth motion with a damp foam pad, foam applicator, or 100% cotton terry cloth. Apply two thin coats of wax, rather than one thick coat. When waxing around areas such as chrome trim, fender emblems, and antenna, you should be cautious not to build up too much wax in the joints of mating surfaces. It may attract dirt and rust later, and also can be hard to remove from detailed areas of trim without tedious work. Note: liquid spray wax and car wash shampoos are easy to apply, but can only give short-term protection (up to 1 week). After your wax has dried to a haze, buff with clean 100% cotton terry cloth, cloth baby diapers, or professional polishing cloths. Use a detailing brush to remove wax residue in chrome trims, emblems, and antennas. I don’t recommend using a buffer machine on your sensitive clearcoat.

   TIRE Dressings: Apply tire dressing using a foam applicator on your tires only, since you are going to collect a lot of dead rubber compound. Do not spray the dressing, since overspray attracts dirt on your rims and may leave your brake discs slippery. Always wipe off excess dressing. Plastic or vinyl trims, as well bumper and door gaskets, should be treated with "Bumper Renewer" or other protectant and nutrient products (like Armor All or Meguiar’s) to maintain and prevent from fading, drying and breaking.

Finally, you’re done. What a gorgeous, pristine Porsche! That winning Concours look.