Sonne Porsche
Newsletter March 2001 Articles

By Terry Felts
Vice-President, Hawai‘i Region  

   While living here in paradise, we often forget that February in Daytona signals the start of motor racing on the mainland. This February is no exception. On the 3rd and 4th sports car racing was kicked off by the 24 Hours of Daytona and followed by the NASCAR guys in subsequent weeks culminating in the Daytona 500 on the 18th.

   As I have done for a number of years, I joined old friends at G&W Motorsports for another championship run in the Grand American Racing Series. Last year the team won 8 of 12 races and captured the Grand American title and produced the top two drivers in the series in Darren Law and Mike Fitzgerald. This year the cars were completely rebuilt with fresh engines and transmissions from Porsche Motorsports, coupled with a very competent driving corps comprised of Darren Law, Cort Wagner, Matt Drendel, and David Murray in the lead #81 car.

   The race begins on Saturday at 1:00 p.m., threatening rain. Three cars, two GT3Rs (#80 & #81) and a RSR turbo (#07), make the starting grid for the annual classic. Car #81 starts in 44th position, followed by #07 in 47th and #80 in 51st overall in a field of 86 entries. By 3:30 the rain comes and the cars have moved up significantly with #81 in 5th, #80 in 9th place in the GT class and the #07 car is 6th in the GTS class.

   The first malfunction occurs at 3:45 p.m. with a bad fuel pump in the #81 car. Ten minutes later the car returns, but has fallen to 24th in class. At 6:15 car #81 driven by Cort Wagner, last year’s American Le Mans Series champion, is back to 10th. It continues to rain and is very uncomfortable for both the crew and the drivers. By 8:00 p.m. the cars are running 22nd, 26th and 28th overall.

   The team is struck at 10:00 p.m. with devastating news. The #80 car driven by Stu Hayner of California has struck the wall on the third lap of his first driving stint. The car is destroyed and is put on the trailer for another day. Car #81 pits at 11:05 with electrical problems and drops back to 10th in class after a 15 minute stop to diagnose the problem. At 12:30 a.m. #81 is brought back to the pits to change out the alternator and repair a faulty seat belt. Little problems are starting to eat up valuable lap time but it is a long race.

   By 7:00 a.m. the two G&W cars have survived the night and are running well, but the #54 BMW driven by Hans Stuck has been forced to retire. At 9:15 disaster strikes again. The #07 car has lost an axle and is brought back to the garage sustaining significant damage when the rear suspension lets go. It continues to rain and is causing fits in the pits due to the numerous tire changes from slicks to rain tires to stay competitive.

   Early Sunday morning has brought to the forefront just how talented the NASCAR drivers, the Earnhardts and Kyle Petty, really are. This is the first endurance racing these drivers have attempted and the #03 Earnhardt Corvette is first in class and third overall. It appears these guys are going to run away with the race when the #03 Corvette is forced behind the wall for good.

    The remaining driver, Kyle Petty, in the #43 Porsche is battling the G&W entry for 4th place in class. In a very risky move, Cole Scrogham, G&W crew chief, puts the slicks back on the #81 car to finish the race, even though the rain continues intermittently. Darren Law continues to show Petty the way around the track as the end of the race nears. Just as they come to the last turn, Law is blocked and Petty goes low onto the grass and makes a classic NASCAR finish to take 4th in class. This race has been a classic "Days of Thunder" type of race.

   Although not the type of finish the team had wished for, it is early in the season and I am sure the racing gods will be kind to this very hard working team in the upcoming season. After races in Miami and Sebring, I intend to rejoin them in Phoenix and will keep everyone up to speed on what is happening on the pro circuit.

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“Porsche Hawaii Exhibit 2001”
& Swap Meet -- June 3, 2001

by Darryl Lee
President, Hawai'i Region  

   We have a new location for our Swap Meet. We have moved the Swap Meet to the heart of Waikiki this summer to be held at Kapiolani Park. We just received word that a summer spot has been allocated for the PCA Hawaii Region on June 3, 2001. We will be positioned next to the newly renovated Waikiki Bandstand, picnic area #2, directly across from Queen Surf, up from the Aquarium.

   Our event will be called “Porsche Hawaii Exhibit 2001” There will be reserved metered stalls for your Porsche at a price of $2.00 all day. These metered stalls will be on a first come, first serve basis and lined up directly in front of our tables and tents. Please sign up now for your reserve stalls (see below). The park will set aside 15+ reserved stalls for Porsches that will also serve as an exhibit to promote membership. Tents and tables will be set up for members to display and sell accessories, memorabilia, plants, parts and other items. Information on membership and PCA applications will also be on hand at one of the designated tables.

   Everyone is invited, so please pass the word around. Again, the date is June 3, 2001. It’s a Sunday and a great time to visit, socialize, and view your favorite Porsche.

To sign up for a stall or for additional information, please call Darryl Lee at 395-4446 or email at


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