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Porsche Exhibit & Swap Meet

   This Sunday, June 3, marks our largest community exposure and fund raising event of the year. "Porsche Exhibit 2001" will provide an opportunity to build our membership and create good will and positive community awareness. We will array twenty of our pristine Porsches for public display from 9 .am. to 2:30 p.m. at Kapiolani Park near the heart of Waikiki. Cars will be parked in reserved stalls on Kalakaua Avenue in front of the Waikiki bandstand, across from Queen's Surf Beach. $2.00 buys reserved parking all day Sunday.

   How to reserve a parking stall:  For a safe secure spot to park and display your Porsche for all to see, please call Darryl at 395-4446 immediately.
Reserved stalls on Kalakaua Avenue are going fast and may be all taken by the time you receive this months Sonne Porsche. However, in case of last minute openings and/or cancellations, your car will be accommodated. Call now to reserve your stall!

   During "Porsche Exhibit 2001" members may swap and sell Porsche-related and miscellaneous items, including parts, models, posters, books, memorabilia, and other merchandise. To offset costs of tables and equipment, there will be a donation charge of $15.00 for PCA-Hawaii members ($25.00 for non-members). Tables will be 6' long with ample space to display merchandise. Share a table or take one yourself.

   How to reserve a swap table:    If you intend to sell or swap, please call Chip at 261-1140 or Darryl at 395-4446 immediately. Swap tables are going fast. You may want to bring your own table since supplies are limited.

   "Porsche Exhibit 2001" will be our biggest and most public display of cars in our club's recent history. For this first time event to be a success we need everyone to chip in and help. If you can supply tables or tents, please call Ambo at 488-9958 or Darryl at 395-4446. If you can volunteer to help with food and beverage or set up and breakdown crews, your kokua will be greatly appreciated.

Porsche Exhibit & Swap Meet at Kapiolani Park
Date: Sunday, June 3 Time: Set up: 7:45 - 9:00 a.m;
Display & Swap: 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Place: Kapiolani Park, Picnic Area #1, in front of the Waikiki Bandstand
Prices: members:$15.00 / swap table;
non-member: $25.00 / swap table;
$2.00 / Reserved Porsche Parking
Deadline: May 24th, 2001 to reserve parking & tables.
Contact: Darryl Lee 395-4446,; or
Chip Hughes 261-1140,


You Collect What?
by Rayburn Freitas

   Most people refer to their Porsches as their "toy". My wife calls mine my "baby." But I've gone a couple of steps further. I have a small collection of toy Porsches, about 450 and counting. I also have many "specialty items" with the Porsche logo on them.

   The car sizes range from a half inch long to some that my grandchildren would be able to ride.

   My wife and I travel a little and we make it a point to look for new "items" wherever we go.

   We found a 911 pencil sharpener in Alice Springs and a 969 model in a little town called Hermansberg. (Both of these towns are in the Australian Outback.) The 969 was quite unique. All four wheels collapse when it collides with anything. Just recently, we came across a 14k gold key blank with the Porsche logo on it. This piece was in a jewelry store named, of all things Goldilocks in Reno.

   The swap meet is also a wonderful place to look for bargains. Of course, one has to dig through boxes of old toys, a job I usually give to my grandchildren.

   My grandchildren are always on the lookout for new items or cars. My son watches e-bay constantly for anything unusual. Of course, one can get really carried away on e-bay. Like anything else. One has to establish limits as to the amount of money being spent.

   My collection is small when compared to others that I have heard about, but my wife and I are really proud of what we have.

   But one of the largest, if not THE largest collection in the world belongs to a Dr. Hammer of Kailua. He has about ten thousand cars. Many of these are in storage since his retirement.

   What is my most crazy purchase? I paid $38 dollars for a Prestige Motors (early '80's/911) kiddie car with an all metal body & frame and leather-like seats. The problem was that it was heavy and packaging was a problem. As a result it cost four times to ship it than the purchase price.

Here is a list of some of the unusual pieces that I have.

  1. A battery powered massager (911 shape)
  2. A roller massager made out of wood (911 shape)
  3. Avon after-shave (in the box/never used) ('69 911 shape/glass)
  4. Several different pencil sharpeners
  5. Soap-on-rope (imbedded in the soap is a toy 928)
  6. 944 child's pillow
  7. A chocolate 911



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