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Sun Shines on “Porsche Exhibit 2001
Twenty-Four Cars on Display in Kapiolani Park

by Chip Hughes

  Before 7 a.m. the faithful began arriving with tents and chairs and tables and Porsche goodies galore for swap and sale. A light mist drifted over Diamond Head, dusting the first of twenty-four Porsches to grace reserved parking stalls on Kalakaua Avenue by the new Waikiki bandstand, across from Queen’s Surf Beach, in Kapiolani Park. Soon the mist cleared, the sun broke gloriously through, and stayed for the remainder of the day. It was Sunday, June 3rd. and “Porsche Exhibit 2001” was under way.

  Ambo Ilagan’s chiffon ‘83 911SC was the first to arrive, followed by President Darryl Lee’s black ‘98 Carrera S and Richard Lau’s platinum ‘84 Carrera. Ed Yuen’s black SC was next, then John and Joni Arafiles pulled up in their Boxster S, Doug Wadsworth and son in his silver 911, and Chip Hughes in his 996 cab. Terry Felts, sans Porsche, hauled a half dozen swap tables and Bernard Chun’s huge tent. Mike and Carol Cripps had the night before carted in barricades and pylons to secure parking stalls on Kalakaua. And now, early on Sunday morning, as PCA-Hawaii members parked their Porsches in predetermined order -- 356s, Boxsters, 911 cabs, coupes, turbos -- the big job of setting up began.

  As more Porsches arrived, V.P. Terry Felts took charge of erecting Bernard Chun’s massive 20’ x 30’ tent (assisted by Darryl Lee, Richard Lau, John Arafiles, Ambo Ilagan, Ed Yuen, and other volunteers). Metal poles of a half dozen different lengths, corner joints and connecters of odd sizes, ropes and bungee cords in various tangles, and a gray tarp about the size of Waimanalo didn’t make the job easier. But Commander Felts deftly guided his crew through the maelstrom, framing and covering what eventually came to resemble an actual tent.

   Once Marsha Lee’s handsome banner -- “PORSCHE EXHIBIT 2001” -- was hoisted into place, tables set up and paper covers rolled into place, and chairs unfolded, out came Porsche goodies for swap and sale. Seeking a set of Fuchs wheels? Early 911 bumper guards? A turbo muffler? Rubber window seals? Detailing products and services? Vintage PCA-Hawai‘i badges? Club t-shirts and caps? Tropical plants? Malasadas? You came to the right place! Customers flocked to tables manned by Terry Felts and Jim Beaumont, Richard Lau, John and Joni Arafiles, Pierre Bonnet, Linus & Stephanie Pauling, John Burke & son, John Mayers & son, and Darryl and Marsha Lee who sold club t-shirts and caps, and handed out PCA applications. Marsha also solicited entries for a drawing, whose prizes included posters and a vintage 911 enameled plaque, donated by Theo Davies and won by Linus Pauling.

  As traders, buyers, and sellers swarmed the swap tables, on Kalakaua Avenue the bustling Waikiki beach crowd started taking notice of twenty-four awesome Porsches. Passing cars’ brake lights flashed, walkers and joggers veered off their customary paths, one cyclist even rode his bike into a sign pole (he was shaken up, but not hurt). Our cars were turning heads, all right .

   Meanwhile back at the swap tables the Fuchs alloys were already gone! One shopper emerged from the tent with club t-shirts and hats stacked high in his arms. Another lugging the turbo muffler. Others with oil filters for early 911s. By noon is was getting hot. Sodas and pizzas circulated from table to table. Maude Lau deserves everyone’s thanks for bringing five pizzas of vegetarian, sausage, pepperoni, supreme, and cheese. With the rise in heat, the swap meet gradually wound down. Before 2 p.m. the tables were cleared, chairs removed, and Bernard Chun’s huge tent razed.

  The break down, like the set up, took the effort of many members. As President Darryl Lee said: “Thank you everyone for pitching in and allowing our P.E. 2001 to run smoothly. From the start, picking up the barricades, pylons, positioning them in the evening to erecting our first 20’ x 30’ tent. The results were flawless . . . . The truth of the matter is, none of these events would be a success, if it wasn't for all of you helping out. Thank you for your showing up early to set up the tents and for staying through the end for the breakdown. All your efforts are recognized and I thank you for your support.”

  Thanks to everyone, then, the sun really did shine on “Porsche Exhibit 2001.”

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