Sonne Porsche
Newsletter January 2001 Articles


Happy New Year to all, as we have been blessed with another year heading into 2001. We have so much to be thankful for, as we look towards a new year with fresh ideas and new experiences.

To start of our New Year, it is my pleasure to introduce the slate of new officers that will represent the Porsche Club of America, Hawai‘i Region for 2001.

Vice President, Terry Felts rejoins us from Memphis.  He's been in and around Porsches for many years and brings his expertise and knowledge of the classic 356 Porsche.  He is currently organizing a 356 Registry here in Hawai‘i for those of you interested.  Treasurer, Richard Lau, with his financial background in the banking system, will offer his service and professionalism that will be instrumental in helping our finances move in the right direction. Secretary, Jeff Yang is the youngest member who is willing to be our eyes and ears for this year of 2001.  He will monitor and keep us on track of our monthly meetings, financial status and future agendas.

Heading our Membership committee is John Arafiles.  He's recently retired, 30 years of software engineering, testing and management.  He will be assisted by his wife Joanie, renewing old interest, addressing new members and coordinating events throughout the new year.  Have a friend interested in the Club?  Neighbor who has a Porsche?  Call them out and extend the invitation.

Returning as editor is Chip Hughes, our propitious Professor, who heads the Newsletter team.  Chip will keep us informed on the latest news from PCNA and also cover PCA-Hawai‘i events such as our tours, caravans and swap meets, just to name a few.  Putting it all together is a talent that no other individual has volunteered for because of the tedious hours that incur.  Our Newsletter Graphics and Layout design goes to Raybern Frietas, whose talents sometimes go unnoticed.  His magic behind the scenes allows us to assure prompt delivery of our newsletter each month.  His work takes him into the wee hours of the morning aligning, setting the velox and cropping till it's just right, as you see it every month.

Rounding out the officers slate are Mike and Sean Cripps.  The best father and son team to head the safety and SCCA drivers into a new direction of education.  We look forward to drivers education and track time, something that everyone should be a part of for their own safety.

Well, there you have it, the slate of officers for 2001.  I am proud to say that we have a very competent team that will guide us through the year.  Together, we ask all of you, to try and join us for an event or two.  Get to know your fellow Porsche owner, dealer and mechanic.

We encourage all members to participate, as we look forward to new Porsche experiences.  There is something to offer for everyone and we encourage you to come out and experience true Porsche ownership.

Can't find that special tool or that rare part?  Looking for that passenger side mirror or a rear deck lid?  Come on out and see for yourself!  You'll be surprised at how much knowledge is available, right in front of your nose and from your local PCA Club.  The main focus will be participation and listening to the wants and needs of Porsche owners throughout our islands.  So, let's do it and let's get together!

Till next time,

May the Porsche be with you,