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Newsletter August 2001 Articles

Platinum Service:
Where to Get Your Porsche Repaired?

by Darryl Lee

   Oil Leaks? A/C problems? Synchros out? Chain tensioners? One time or another all Porsche owners cross this perilous path: your Porsche needs repair. What do you do? Who do you ask for help? Suddenly, you’re questioning yourself as to where to take your prized machine.

   Here are the most common questions asked about servicing your Porsche:

1. Who: do you take your car too?
2. What: does he charge?
3. When: is he available?
4. Where: is he located?
5. Why: do you recommend him?
6. How: is his service and dependability?

   These basic questions are commonly asked to friends, family, and other Porsche enthusiasts who have experienced a variety of repairs throughout the years of ownership.

   Our pool of talented professional mechanics who service and maintain our Porsches in Hawai‘i are all respected technicians. Whether certified, factory trained, or mentored by family, friends, or on-the-job training, these men are our solace and do a fantastic job all year round. They are responsible for maintaining and keeping our German sports cars tuned and in sync at maximum performance. They are professionals. These Porsche mechanics act as doctors, psychologists, and therapeutic counselors all in one. For good reason I call them “Specialists”! They listen and they put up with all our demands and displays of frustration about our obsessions. Hearing our constant bickering and whines of disappointment, they quickly diffuse and diagnose each problem and always seem to find the remedy. After their countless hours of intense labor, our gratification and praise and cheers for a job well done are often short-lived, as the next mechanical problem brings us back in for our next visit. Without these techs, where would we be?

   In Hawai‘i we are fortunate to have talented Porsche mechanics in several shops. Here is a brief description of Hawai‘i's Porsche Specialists:

   If you want individualized attention on your Porsche, see Scott Shulte and his meticulous “German Auto Specialists” shop near the airport for an appointment “one car per day”; Creighton Wong, “European Auto Specialists,” will attend to your every need ranging from SCs to Carreras including Turbos, Ferraris, and Mercedes; Gerard and Keala Simoes “Motor Werkes” also services a wide range of Porsches for the street and track, as well as BMWs; John Burke, an independent, has many years of experience in both 356 and 911's; Tim Knight’s “Knightwerks” caters to early model 911 Porsches ranging from ‘65-’90, with a flair for BMW's; Chris Stormer’s “Air-Cooled Engines” services early and late model Porsches with accessories located in house; and last but not least, our authorized dealer, Porsche of Honolulu, with Service Manager Keith George and Technicians Aren and Duke. They specialize in the new water-cooled technology and vehicles under warranty, including the Boxster, 996, and the new Turbo. With this lineup to choose from, there are enough qualified technicians to service every Porsche need in Hawaii.

Here’s where to find these Porsche Specialist in Hawai‘i:

Air-Cooled Engines, Inc.
1144 Kona Street
Chris Stormer

European Auto Specialists
805 Pohukaina Street
Creighton Wong
German Auto Specialists
3075 Nimitz Hwy.
Scott Shulte
882 Kawaiahao
Tim Knight
Motor Werkes
518 Cummins
Gerard Simoes
Porsche of Honolulu
Authorized PorscheDealer
818 Kapiolani Blvd.
Keith George
John Burke
Porsche & BMW


   Well, there you have it. Some of Hawai‘i's finest technicians that service Porsche. Still not convinced? The only advice I can give is to try them. If you're under warranty, the dealer would be your best choice. For all others, try one or try them all. Until you feel comfortable and find the right Porsche repair specialist, you will always be questioning yourself. Only you can decide who can fulfill all your Porsche needs.

   To all the Specialists in the field of Porsche repair here in Hawai‘i, I tip my hat to each and every one of you. Thank you. We appreciate your time, service, and your dedication.

Until our next visit,

May the Porsche be with you,

D. Lee