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Annual Concours d’ Elegance
PCA - Hawai‘i Region

October 15, 2000 at the Aloha Tower Marketplace

October is traditionally concours month at PCA-Hawai‘i. The third weekend will mark our opportunity to once again prepare, clean, and display our cars. The annual concours is back and a great turnout is expected.

The Aloha Tower Marketplace will be the site and Sunday, October 15th will be the date. So get busy and bring that pride and joy back to its original beauty. Let all of Hawai‘i see our Porsche owners’ pride. We will start parking the cars about 8:30 AM, with everyone in place by 9:30. Final prep will continue until the judging begins at 10:00. Following the judging will be an awards presentation. An optional lunch (last year at Brew Moon, Ward Centre) will cap off the event.

In Hawai‘i a Concours d’ Elegance is a participation event. Everybody comes out and has a good time. Not that we aren’t serious about Porsches -- just that our concours is relaxed and low-key, with the emphasis on getting together for a good time around our P Cars. For that reason, there is a Wash ‘n Wax Award for the daily driver to just do minimal prep and come on down. This category is for judging on exterior only, with interior, trunk, and hood remaining shut and uninspected.

Couldn’t be simpler. As in the past, there is also a People's Choice Award for the car that knocks everybody’s socks off. Each member gets one vote. Judging for the other categories will be like previous years with a separate judge for exterior, interior, engine compartment, and storage compartment. Class divisions will depend on number of entrants per category.

Here’s the pitch: this is an event that takes a little planning , so please make your commitment now so that we can order awards and do what we have to do. Just showing up on Sunday is easy on you, but hard on the volunteers. Fill out and mail in the entry form today. The fee is $25 and includes a PCA-Hawai‘i T-shirt. Entries must be postmarked by Friday, October 6. Late entry/day of event: $35.

For Entry Form see the Sonne Porsche Newsletter mailed to you, page 2 or use this printable version
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