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Newsletter March 2000 Articles

Unbaffled Presidential Exhaust Notes
By Mike Cripps

As we start out our new year, I want to take a little time to paint the broad picture of both the club activities and the club finances that make our own activities possible, and finally a view as to how that might look in the near future. The main source of income for the Hawaii Region is the portion of PCA national dues returned to us on a quarterly basis. Each quarter we get a check for between $250 and $350. Compared to this income, all other sources are small. They amount to about $4 per T shirt and whatever we may come out ahead on events we charge for, like driver's ed or the concours. Since we try to break even on these, the funds overall don't change much. In short then, our annual discretionary income is between $1000 and at best $1500. A big plus on top of that is whatever we can collect for our newsletter commercial ads, which is a real possibility for us but requires a lot of volunteer man hours.

Our expenses are headed by the newsletter at approximately $100 per month, $1200 per year, plus the hidden expense of the volunteer time of its editors/producers Mark Matson and Ray Freitas. The website costs us $35 per month with a light work load included for the club. The website holds the promise of bringing us some income and helping us communicate in a timely fashion (see the inset). Additionally, the annual Christmas party runs at a loss and could be trimmed back in time of need which could save probably $200 to $300. Trimming the newsletter to a bimonthly and relying more on the website and e-mail ring would save about $400 per year plus some effort by the volunteers.

There, now I've gotten that all out. Not that we are falling apart. We usually have a couple of thousand dollars in the account and we have to operate as a non-profit club, so I'm not really whining about money. What I want is for those of you reading this to state your opinions of what you want for your club so that we can concentrate on what's important. You know we have few volunteers to do the work, but e-mail us. The e-mail addresses are on the website (click on a club officer's name on the home page), or just pick up the phone. The phone numbers are in this newsletter. Now is the time because "The Board" (those who show up and do the work and can be counted on the fingers of one hand) are planning the year. In the end we'll do what we think is right but your input is needed. Soon the year will be gone, elections will bring new officers (since all but the V.P. will have been in for 2 years and will be stepping down), and a smoother running club should be handed on to the new officers. I'd like to continue this as a dialog next month with a summary of what the members have said they want.

Sweetheart Run on Valentine's Weekend
By Mark Matson

The Sweetheart Run to the North Shore, took place Sunday Feb. 13. A joint event hosted by the islands Corvette, Camaro, and Porsche Clubs. The event started at 0930, in the Toys R Us parking lot, at Pearlridge.

As expected the turn out was good. Around 40 cars total participated. Just guessing and trying to remember there were probably 10 to 15 Camaros, classic `69s up to the new anniversary model with their bright orange stripes. 10 to 12 Corvettes also ranging from old classics to brand new 2000 models, and approximately 8 Porsches. I finally got my freshly painted, yellow `71 911 back on the road, and Gerard Simoes made the run with his son in his award winning brown `79 Turbo. Chip had his red 993 and we also had a few first time shows. I apologize for not getting the names and other cars straight I particularly remember a beautiful black 996. I won't even get into what our President Mike Cripps was driving that day, let's just say Carol's 928 was down for maintenance, and it wasn't a Camaro or a Corvette.

Anyway, after leaving the Toy R Us parking lot we proceeded to the H2 and made a mile long convoy of German and American sports cars. Within half an hour the procession arrived at the Dole Plantation, where many of us quickly made a run for the pineapple ice cream and visited the gift shop. Soon enough we had the whole group gathered for the buffet brunch, with a choice of American or Chinese food.

After the lunch most of us wanted to experience the maze which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour finish. Most of the time is spent having fun running around lost. When that was finished most people went their own way either heading home or continuing up to the North Shore for a another beautiful day in Paradise.