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Newsletter December 2000 Articles

H-3 Run * Christmas Party * Elections
by Mike Cripps  

The Christmas party is looking good. Starting with a 3:00 pm staging at the makai end of Lagoon Drive on Saturday, December 2, we'll reprise the H-3 run and end up at Pohai Nani (45-090 Namoku St, Kaneohe) for a 4:00 pm hosted champagne reception among the cars. Dinner will be at 6:30 pm, and includes tossed salad, fruit platter, prime rib au jus, catch of the day fish (shoyu/citrus), baked potato, broccoli, rice, and choice of dessert. All this costs you $25 and includes the champagne and microbrew beer. You might want to bring a bottle of wine to share with your table. We will have the usual drawing for prizes.

I'm asking you to make your commitment, and mail the $25 per person payable to PCA Hawaii to Mike Cripps, 47-724J Ahuimanu Loop Kaneohe 96744. Give a call with your RSVP to 239-8506.
Time is short, and I have to commit financially to the dinner count on November 30. Thanks, and I'll see you there with the Concours awards, grab bags, the cars, and your friends.

* * * * * *

Shifting gears, one of the functions of the annual Christmas party is the holding of the annual PCA Hawaii Region business meeting. This tends to be a short affair which includes a financial rundown, a recap of the year’s events, and the election of new officers. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected. In most regions, including our own, this act is usually a confirmation of those who volunteer to do the job rather than a competition like we see in the political arena. We take nominations from the floor, and vote, but the way American grass roots democracy works at our level is about who volunteers and does the work. It's also about enjoying working together with your fellow Porshephile to make our PCA what we want it to be. For me, the last two years as “Pres” have been super because of the folks I've worked with. I don't intend to go away, just to make way for someone else to lead, and to support their plans because we do better with an infusion of new ideas and energy.

Additionally, besides the officers, there are numerous chairpersons and coordinators like the newsletter editor and graphics guys, Chip and Raybern. As an example, they could use a bit more help in the putting together of the newsletter from someone in the Kailua area. The membership chairman could use a bit of extra manpower in the task of visiting the shops with membership applications. The events coordinator is a sparkplug type who is the point of contact for the action. The safety coordinator makes sure that we meet the PCA requirements for our moving vehicle events so we qualify for the insurance. We just need to flesh these jobs and others out a bit so that we don't overtax the few and burn them out but rather we spread the load. Please consider taking on a small job because that's the way to keep the jobs small. See you at the Christmas Party!

Reminder: Give a call with your RSVP to 239-8506.